We firmly believe that cooperation with investees will have a positive impact on the environment and social development.

We have been involved in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) following the investment concept of ESG since our inception: Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance.

When selecting investees, we not only consider their financial indicators and profit model, but also pay more attention to their corporate value and the implementation of social responsibilities. We evaluate investments in respect of social justice, economic development, world peace and environmental protection, amongst others, avoid enterprises without principles, bottom lines and social responsibility by conducting early due diligence and screening, and actively seek for companies with good social credit records and enterprise management to cooperate. Meanwhile, we will also strengthen the supervision and management of investees through shareholder advocacy, promote investees to improve and fulfill their social responsibility, and continually strengthen the sustainability and stability of investees to help them maintain long-term sustainable development and value growth.

We embed a strong sense of social and corporate responsibility in every investment decision, and invest, operate and manage in a way beneficial to society. We will comprehensively manage investees from the following four aspects:

1) Corporate responsibility: we will supervise and promote investees to formulate development plans, anti-commercial bribery systems and measures in line with corporate and social responsibilities, and actively implement various laws and regulations.

2) Market responsibility: we will assist investees to formulate market-oriented standards and development goals that can bring value growth to the market, such as innovation, growth, yield and product qualification rate, so as to actively repay the society.

3) Social responsibility: we will supervise investees to ensure that they maintain humanized management and the attention and promotion in terms of corporate culture construction, employee care, safety and health, etc., and fully influence employees and partners by the corporate value based on kindness;

4) Environmental responsibility: we will urge investees to take the initiative, assume the responsibility for sustainable development of society and environment in the process of operation, and fully meet the various environmental management, energy conservation and emission reduction targets proposed by the government.

We always shoulder social responsibility, and are concerned with the ecological environment, social livelihood and development together with investees, aiming at creating value, promoting social development, and jointly building enterprises with extremely high economic and social value.