The original intention of Black Hole Capital Group is "Create miracles and lead the future together with entrepreneurs". We are the investor and entrepreneur. Such spirit makes Black Hole Capital Group and investees the most solid partners. Such core value is also reflected in the value we live by:

  • Curiosity
    We are well aware of the need for maintaining curiosity in a commercial society. Only change itself remains unchanged in the world, and change begets innovation. Thus, we focus on change, remain curious about the world and constantly welcome and embrace innovation to create more value.
  • Entrepreneurship
    We are the investor and entrepreneur. Full of passion, active exploration and persistence in entrepreneurship, we are committed to working with outstanding entrepreneurs to create value together.
  • Integrity
    We uphold the professional spirit and speak with facts and data. We insist on the right decision and keep looking for truth. Whether as an individual or a company, our way of survival is "integrity and honesty". We dare to say no and will never compromise on the matters of principle.
  • Excellence
    We gather high-quality resources and top talents, focus on the business areas where we can create value and build the most excellent financial platform connecting assets and capital in China. We are strict with ourselves, pay attention to efficiency and results, and constantly surpass ourselves on the road to becoming a leader in the industry. We are strict with entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary results with high standards.