Our vision

As a platform-based investment institution, we hope to establish great enterprises with long-term social and commercial value together with entrepreneurs interested in changing the future.

Established in 2014, Black Hole Capital Group is a platform-investing institution on private market with the focus on multi-asset class and multi-strategy investment.

"To create miracles and give insight into the future together with entrepreneurs" is the original aspiration of Black Hole Capital Group. As an investment institution with strong curiosity and corporate responsibility, we adhere to the fundamentals of the industry and the entrepreneurship to search and explore the most valuable business models and entrepreneurs, and to take upon ourselves to develop the most promising new economic industries in China and fulfill the most valuable entrepreneurs.  

Headquartered in Beijing, Black Hole Capital Group has branches covering Shanghai, Guangzhou and Los Angeles(US). Thanks to our in-depth study on the industrial fundamentals, we are actively seeking investment opportunities in areas such as real estate+, Internet+, artificial intelligence, new retail, cultural media, and provide strong support to entrepreneurs in the new economic ecosystem through equity investment, strategic investment/incubation, etc. to jointly breed excellent enterprises with high commercial and social values.

BLACK HOLE is an investor and entrepreneur. Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit, we are committed to creating industry value of high commercial potential together with outstanding entrepreneurs. So far, we have incubated dozens of outstanding technology companies in addition to financial investment. Following the concept of "platform-based, fundamental and long-term investment", we advance through investment in multi-asset class together with entrepreneurs representing China's new economy and high growth!