Black Hole Capital's hedge fund scheme aims to provide customers with high-quality investment solutions by combining all investment strategies, such as macro hedging, event-driven, managed futures, long/short position, fixed income arbitrage and stock market neutral strategies. We boast experienced teams and high-quality process control schemes. We always follow professional investment methods and bring rich returns to investors through portfolio building technique and comprehensive quantitative risk management methodology.

Win-win Situation

On the platform of Black Hole Capital, we have built a highly customized and diversified portfolio to create rich risk-adjusted returns for our customers.

Our Approach

We attach great importance to the protection of customers' funds. In each cooperation, we closely follow customers' needs and make full use of our professional knowledge and global resources to "customize" the optimal solution for investors.

Customized Investment Strategies

We place great importance to customizing the most suitable investment solution for each investor. Our investment team will customize the investment portfolio for investors to meet their risk expectations and return targets, and preserve and add value to investors' assets through hybrid and customized investment strategies;

Rigorous Due Diligence

In order to find investment opportunities that meet our professional and integrity requirements, we will use proprietary risk measurement, models and analysis tools to conduct a strict review of their investment strategies and risk management framework as well as their business, financial and legal conditions;

Strong External Partnerships

Relying on high-quality financial resources and deep resource background, Black Hole Capital has established stable relations with many first-class institutions and investors in China;

Flexible Solutions

We will maintain a prudent and responsible attitude throughout the investment process to carefully sift through various strategies and opportunities, and strive to discover and create new market opportunities and capacities.

We will try our utmost to achieve our target of return despite ups and downs in the market cycle and ensure the safety and certainty of principal in a capricious market environment.