Black Hole Capital Group’s Private Equity Platform is dedicated to finding and exploring the most valuable business models and entrepreneurs, and exploring and developing the most potential new economic industries. Our investment covers major emerging industries and focuses on helping outstanding growth-oriented companies realize their economic and social value growth. We have selected excellent companies through multi-dimensional analysis methods, combined with our rich resources and professional knowledge, to provide comprehensive capital and operational support for and improve the performance indicators of investees. We will also fully assist investees to develop their core businesses, achieve breakthroughs and innovations in technology and business models, and help them sort out their long-term growth strategies.

Win-win Cooperation

BLACK HOLE not only provides capital, but also makes full use of the global resources available to assist the operation and development of investees and provide them with various improvement guidance programs including enterprise, supply chain and performance management and strategic planning. We help investees become more powerful by providing them with optimization and change strategies from the inside out. We believe that Black Hole Capital Group will be able to gain insight into market opportunities and create value for society together with investees combined with our industry knowledge, operation and management capabilities. We look forward to working together with China's new economy and high growth entrepreneurs.

Our Approach

In addition to traditional management acquisitions, we also seek to cooperate with partners and listed companies that can provide growth capital and minority equity investment, and realize public equity investment opportunities with our industry knowledge and operating advantages. Meanwhile, we will protect the interests of investors from the four dimensions of "locking up the industry, targeting the project, optimizing the enterprise and strictly adjusting everything".

1) Locking up the industries with great changes: we actively lock up the new economic fields with great potential and the industries that can create great value through mode change, and take the industry direction with the most market value and development potential as the key focus direction;

2) Targeting high-quality project channels: we will develop multidimensional channels to find out projects based on industry direction, and make full use of various opportunities to establish contacts with enterprises and high-quality intermediary organizations to explore investment opportunities;

3) Optimizing high-growth oriented enterprises: we will focus on analyzing the current situation and prospects of enterprises to determine the direction of target investment, and comprehensively evaluate the reliability and value potential of their development prospects in combination with the assistance that BLACK HOLE can provide.

4) Strict due diligence: all our investments are based on strict due diligence. During the due diligence, we clearly know what are the relevant factors for enterprises to realize value growth and can effectively assess their risk points.

We are willing to use rich investment experience and strong background resources to help excellent teams grow into great enterprises.

Focus Sectors

  • Real Estate+
  • New Retail
  • Internet+
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Media & Entertainment