Our strategic opportunity investment will make full use of our major partners' industry resources, industry status as well as our professional knowledge and deep understanding of the industry to explore new economic industries and industries with extremely high potential, and select the most valued investment opportunities for optional investment and incubation. Our scope of investment includes but not limited to internet +, real estate+, artificial intelligence, consumption and other fields that we are deeply engaged in. We are doing our best to establish a leading firm with social influence and value through long-term holding, incorporating industrial resources, management structure/optimization, reasonable control/operation optimization, etc., and bring returns to the satisfaction of investors.

Win-win Situation

In order to ensure multi-party benefits, we will pool our capabilities and resources with our partners to gain insight into market opportunities, and to provide differentiated investment programs to our investors, as well as innovative solutions to our target enterprises.

Our Approach

We focus on exploiting the capabilities and resource advantages of us and our partners, which are also different from those of traditional investment institutions. This will make it easier for us to exploit deep-level value opportunities, adhere to the investment principle of cross-asset category, cross-industry and cross-geographical location. We also employ flexible investment methods and strict risk management to constantly adapt to rapidly changing markets and ensure investors' returns.

Investment flexibility

We will respond flexibly to the rapidly changing market environment and have greater flexibility in asset categories, industries, geographical regions and investment strategies, thus creating an attractive investment portfolio;

Strong Governance

Our Investment Committee and Advisory Committee are made up of our fund management and senior executives of our partners, which ensure that each investment activity is supported by prudent and meticulous investment analysis and strong teamwork;

Taking Advantage of Synergies

Our team will integrate the deep knowledge on the upstream and downstream industries and various advantageous resources within our fund and partners, conduct comprehensive evaluation and analysis on a large amount of market information, and deduce workable investment program.