Established in 2014, Black Hole Capital Group is a platform-investing institution on private market with the focus on multi-asset class and multi-strategy investment.

In the five years since its establishment, we have always maintained a strong curiosity about the world. We have continuously studied and evolved, constantly welcomed and embraced changes, and strived for innovation. We have made arrangements in real estate plus, internet plus, artificial intelligence, new retail, cultural media and other fields and formed a global industrial ecological chain layout. During this period, Black Hole Capital Group received attention and reports from many venture capital professional media including 36 Krypton and Lieyunwang, and was rated as an excellent innovation investment institution in China for many times.

The management team of Black Hole Capital Group comes from top domestic and international investment institutions and enterprises. Each of them is adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of passion and active exploration, constantly searching for and discovering excellent entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, creating value for the society and bringing returns to investors.

In the future, Black Hole Capital Group will stick to its original intention of "create miracles and lead the future together with entrepreneurs", be strict with itself, dare to challenge, maintain a high sense of responsibility and execution, constantly surpass itself, and build high-quality enterprises of high commercial and social value together with outstanding entrepreneurs.